About Nusa Lembongan

N usa Lembongan is an unspoilt tropical paradise - just eight square kilometres - with little traffic and pollution. The smiling and friendly locals will welcome you to their idyllic surrounds, to their rich and diverse culture, beaches, quaint villages, and Hindu temples.

Located 12km off the coast of Sanur in Bali, Lembongan offers some of the best diving and snorkelling in Indonesia, as well as several world class surf breaks. The quality of dining options is surprisingly high and perhaps above all, this is a great place to just relax.

Just 30 minutes by fast boat or 10 minutes via a scenic helicopter ride, Nusa Lembongan is in a group of three islands - Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida lie to the south - and is the island in the group with the most developed tourist accommodation and facilities.

Guide To Nusa Lembongan

We have prepared a very thorough Guide to Nusa Lembongan which many guests will find helpful. Everything you need to know in advance of your visit to the island is contained in this document. Click the box below to download your personal copy.

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Map of Nusa Lembongan

We have prepared the best available map of Nusa Lembongan. This clearly shows the location of our portfolio of villas, as well as restaurants, bars and other points of interest. Please do download a copy and share with your friends!

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Reasons To Choose Nusa Lembongan